Wall Clocks for Sale

Foster c1870Berry c1750Beavington c1795GPO c1890Thos. Philips c1830Kaufmann c1830

Twelve inch Dial, Mahogany 8-day Fusee Wall Timepiece by Foster. c1870

Mahogany dial timepiece by Foster of London. 8-day spring powered, chain fusee movement with anchor escapement. Shaped four pillar movement plates. 

12" white dial with Roman numerals and black steel spade hands. 15 1/2" full diameter and 6 1/2" deep. Brass plaque below the dial stamped 1030. Pendulum also stamped 1030.

Robert Berry Verge Tavern Timepiece. c1750

A George II rare small gilt and black japanned tavern timepiece with verge escapement signed Robt. Berry, Hitchin. c1750. The dial is 15 inches diameter with Roman hour numerals and Arabic minute numbers every five minutes. The hands are brass with pierced hour hand. The timepiece is signed below the dial.

The 8-day plated fusee movement is spring powered with verge and crownwheel escapement and short bob pendulum with holdfast. The timepiece is 24" high, 19" wide and 6" deep.

Mahogany Hooded wall clock with painted dial signed Will’m Beavington, Stourbridge. c1795

Solid mahogany case, hooded wall clock with separate lower trunk with carved detail to the bottom and sides and small cut-outs to either side. Slide off hood also of solid mahogany, glazed front door hinged to RHS and brass knob to LHS. Turned plain pillars on either side with turned wood caps and bases.

Hood has shaped wood cresting. 

Square dial, 8” sides, white painted with alarm to the center. Gilt painted spandrels to the four corners, Roman chapters. Diamond half hour markers and full inner quarter circle. No minute ring. Single steel hand.

Dial signed Will’m Beavington, Stourbridge. 

Brass posted movement with flat brass posts. Anchor escape with small anchor covering just two teeth. 13” pendulum length with pear shaped lead bob. Verge driven alarm using small 20 ounce weight and rope drive. Alarm bell is 4 ¼” diameter and of bronze. The movement has four wheel train driven by chain and an eight pound weight. Movement is bolted to seat board and screwed to the trunk cheeks. 

William Beavington is listed in Baillie as working 1795. Stourbridge is just eleven miles West of Birmingham in England. 

Beavington has a watch in the New York University (Baillie). 

Clock is 34” high and 14 ½” wide at the hood.

Dual Faced 8-Day Hanging GPO Dial Timepiece - 11 1/4" dial

Mahogany two faced hanging dial timepiece. Both white dials 11 1/4 inch diameter with Roman hour numbers and minute band with lines at each minute and triangle at each five minute position. Both dials have GPO just below the centre arbor. Black spade hour hand and pointed minute hand.

The mahogany case is 15 inches diameter and 8 1/2 inches deep. The case has a side door and a bottom door. Comes complete with a 17 inch long brass hanging bracket.

Heavy brass plated movement, spring powered and chain fusee drive. Anchor escapement and second motion work mounted on an extended plate driving the second dial.

A Good Small Mahogany Cased Dial Timepiece - 7 1/4" Dial - SOLD

This is a very nice, small, mahogany cased dial timepiece by Camerer Kuss & Co., London. The dial size is just 7 1/4 inches (18 1/2 cm) in diameter. It has a flat glazed brass bezel which hinges from the right side and latched on the left. The mahogany surround is just 10 1/2 inches (26 1/2 cm) in diameter which defines the total size of this timepiece. Depth is 5 inches (12.5 cm). There is a lower door for hanging and adjusting the pendulum.

The white dial has Roman numbers marking the hours and a double minute ring with lines at each minute and triangular pointers at each five minute position. There is a single winding arbor above the VI position. The dial is signed CAMERER KUSS & Co., 56 New Oxford St. above the center arbor and LONDON just above the winding arbor. The dial has blackened steel spade hands.

The brass plated spring driven 8-day movement with going barrel has an anchor escapement and is attached to a steel plate behind the dial.

The condition is good, minor dial marks otherwise clean and original.


A 9 3/4" Dial Fusee Timepiece in a Figured Mahogany Case by Thos. Philips of Kingston. c1830

This is a very clean dial timepiece in a shaped mahogany case. The white dial is just 9 3/4 inches diameter, it has spade hands, a winding arbor below the center arbor, Roman hour numbers and a double minute band with lines at each minute and triangles at each five minute position. The dial is signed Thos. Philips, KINGSTON. A heavy cast brass bezel is hinged to the right and latched to the left. The bezel is glazed with convex glass.

The shaped highly figured mahogany case is 12 1/2 inches (32 cm) diameter at the top with shaped winged sides which taper down to a 9 inch (23 cm) wide trunk. The bottom of the trunk is beveled inwards with a door for fitting and adjusting the pendulum, there is decorative molding at the top of the beveled trunk.  There is also a small door to the right hand side to aid in hanging the pendulum. The total height of the timepiece is 19 1/2 inches (50 cm) and a total depth of 7 inches (18 cm).

The robust 8-day spring powered movement has a single fusee, synthetic gut line, anchor escapement and shaped brass plates.

Collectors Vienna Regulator - Biedermeier (Dachluhr) Six-Light Grande Sonnerie striking c1830

This very fine Viennese Mahogany Grande-Sonnerie striking ‘Dachluhr’ wall regulator was made by Kaspar Kaufmann in Vienna c1830.

The 19cm (7 ½”) dial is silvered, having a fully engraved centre section in a floral design. The applied silvered chapter ring has Roman hour numbers and a full minute band. The dial is signed on the chapter ring between the V- and VII-hours Kaufmann in Wien. It has a gilt engine turned bezel around the dial and gilt to the inner chamfer of the chapter ring. The fine original blued steel hands have a counterpoised minute hand for weight balance.

The Dachluhr ‘roof top’ case has six light (glazing) to the mahogany case. There is a pull-repeat cord to the right side.

The 8-day three weight driven movement with dead beat escapement has gut line over curved spoke pulleys. Grande-Sonnerie striking on two rear mounted steel gongs. The brass pendulum rod has mercury filled glass compensating tubes to either side and a 13 ½ cm (5 ½”) brass bob. The pendulum hangs off a backboard mounted bracket.

Height - 119cm (46 ¾”)