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Victorian Mahogany & Brass Gimbled Marine Stick Barometer

An early Victorian marine barometer by J. Soulby, London.
Comprised of a mahogany body with a dome top carrying the two-part scale and maker’s plate. The scale is engraved to the right-hand side measuring 27 to 31 inches of barometric pressure and has a Vernier for fine measurement to the side of the tube. The left-hand side is engraved with standard weather indications. The plate within the top domed and glazed section is engraved for the makers, J. Soulby, London.
The straight sectioned body has a cased and glazed thermometer with engraved scale. Between the thermometer and the set dial are holes front and back which receive the screws which secure the brass gimbal. The barometer is mounted to the wall by this means or could be hung by the brass hanging loop located at the top of the dome.
The cistern is protected by a brass cover which is secured by screws onto the mahogany body at its base.
A good example of a second phase marine barometer (dome top) with a nice gimbal. Its manufacture slightly precedes the improvements that were made by Patrick Adie and the Kew Observatory in the late 1850’s which finally led to the metal tubular body design.

Height 37 inches (94 cm)          With thermometer

Georgian Mahogany Stick Barometer

A good George III mahogany stick barometer by this renowned London maker.
The elegant case has a figured and well patinated mahogany stem and a carved surround to the silvered brass engraved register plate, which bears the maker’s signature above the indications of the weather from 27 to 31 inches. The case terminates at the base with a nicely turned cistern cover.
Cary was one of the best-known London barometer and scientific instrument makers in the latter part of the 18th century until his death in 1825. He was likely William Cary who operated at various addresses in the Strand between 1786 and 1825. He was the younger brother of John Cary the cartographer and the uncle of George and John Cary. He was a pupil of Jesse Ramsden and became a renowned instrument-maker. His two nephews took over the business when he died in 1825. 

Height 39 inches (99 cm)

Victorian Mahogany Stick Barometer

Well proportioned stick barometer with glass covered register scale. With thermometer.

Height 36 1/2 inches (93 cm)


Very Fine Victorian Ebonized Stick Barometer

Established in 1777, C.W. Dixey & Son is the world’s oldest independent eyewear company. It remains an English family business, based in London.

Their story began at 3 New Bond Street, London where William Fraser established his optical and mathematical instrument company.
The Dixey company is unrivalled. They have served seven successive Kings and Queens of England, the Royal Houses of nine nations, and the emperors of China, France and India. Sir Winston Churchill remained a loyal patron for half a century and their reputation also attracted legendary adventurers, writers and artists.

The last member of the Dixey family to lead the firm was C.W. Dixey’s grandson, Walter, who transferred ownership to his loyal staff in 1929. Since then, ownership has always passed between family and friends.

Height 37 1/2 inches  (95 cm).  With thermometer.