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A Very Good Ebonized Library Clock by James McCabe, London. c1810

This is a very fine ebonized library clock by James McCabe of Royal Exchange, London.

The ebonized case has glazed doors to the front and rear and a beveled glazing to the raised top. There is fish scale brass fretwork to each side with green silk backing. The case has clean lines with decorative molding under the freeze and an ogee molding above the plinth. The clock stands on ebonized bun feet. Most unusual and unique is that the clock case is also stamped with the clock’s number 2356.

The dial is of silvered brass and is 6” square. The dial is engraved with Roman hour chapters and the maker; James McCabe, Royal Exchange, London # 2356. There is a double minute band with triangle markings at the five minute markers. The corners are engraved with scrolls to form spandrels.
There are two winding arbors either side of center, time to the RHS and strike to the LHS. There is a silent/strike lever above the XII marker. The clock has spade and pointer blued steel hands.

This clock has a very substantial solid brass plated five pillar movement. It is spring powered with two barrels and chain drive over two compensating fusees. It has rack striking the hours on a rear mounted cast and polished bell. The backplate is also engraved with the makers name; James McCabe, Royal Exchange, London with the number 2356. The rear pendulum, with holdfast, is numbered 2356. The clock has anchor escapement.

James McCabe, London # 2356. The clock is 12 ¾” high & 10” wide at the feet

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